My crush is not my crush


I met a girl a few months ago. Hottie with the pink hair I called her. 12 years younger and the most fun thing I have ever shared a bed with.

She’s a quarter Asian, though she doesn’t look it, as she has no pigment in her skin. She weighs 50 kg dripping wet. And she gets dripping wet.

She rides a skateboard everywhere. She cruised in to my heart for a fleeting minute and now she’s cruised off into the sunset.


She is a sexual person. A slut (her term). An ethical one.

She asked me to be buddies. She asked me. I find that so hot. A girl who knows what she wants. And she wants many partners. As do I. She’s polyamorous. She has a girlfriend. A few threesome partners and trolls tinder all day long.

The hottie, with pink hair. She craves sex all day long.

I never thought I had a chance with her. The age thing. The fact that she’s a 9/10.

We flirted constantly. I can be bad with signals and body language. But there was touching and touching is always a good sign. Still I enjoy the chase, I never made a move. She literally had to ask me.


We spoke so much about sex, we have so much in common. Her energy levels are through the roof. I watched her work, how she bossed round people much older than herself. Always in control, but with a skip in her step and a smile on her face. Her green eyes shining with a look that made my heart skip a beat.

They say a man falls for a girl through his eyes and a girl through her ears. I love to talk. Knowledgeable, on anything and every thing. I love to read constantly, absorbing information and spewing it back out to anyone that will listen.

She like the way I talked, she just wanted to listen to my voice. She saw that people look up to me. How I act, always up beat and always there to help.

We hung out a few times. But she burnt me twice. I was also getting the feels. And she’s not for that. I also don’t need that.

Were still friends, we do other stuff together. But she’s still the fittest, firmest, girl I have had in my bed since I was 19. images

girls just want to have fun


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