So i have been wanting to write a blog for a long time. I love to write. I haven’t done much of it. But i think that i am ok at it. And if i keep at it, and i intend to. I will get better at it. The title of this blog is I’ve got dreams to remember. Im a dreamer and a thinker. There is nothing more that i love, than being lost in my own thoughts. The Otis Redding song of the same name, is one of my favourite pieces of music.

This blog originally was going to be about me and food. Literally a journey of discovery. As i walk from one end of Enmore road in Sydney’s inner west, to the end of King St Newtown and back again. Stopping in at every single restaurant , cafe and bar along the way. Sampling the menu, reviewing the food and also asking girls to come and eat with me. Food is always better with company. And i really need to date more.

The idea has kind of grown from there. This will be a quest to better myself, and to invest in myself. To grow and stretch out like a branching tree. But to do that i need to plant seeds. Thats what this blog is. A seed.

I am an alcoholic. I will be entering a short rehab soon. This blog is to keep me on track once i am dry. For me to review the books i read. To write about the sex that i am having (or not having) , the gigs i see, and the songs i love ,the projects i am involved in, and the never ending compilation of knowledge. Hopefully this will one day, allow me to be a wise old man. got dreams to remember



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